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Run for a Cause: Half Marathons that Change Lives

Fitday Editor

Half marathons offer a way to help a variety of charities. Use your passion for running to help people in need all around the world. Not only will you be benefiting other people, but you'll also gain from the experience. Doing it for charity can increase your motivation for running, and knowing that you are running for a good cause is a satisfying feeling. Some half marathons offer training for charity runners and also build a sense of camaraderie between other runners by offering group training sessions.

ING Miami Half Marathon

This is a collaboration between World Vision's Operation Hope for Haiti and Miami, to help people in need in Haiti. It has support from the Mayor's office and community leaders. This marathon helps increase awareness about Haiti, as well as raising money for people in need.

Edinburgh Half Marathon

The Edinburgh Half Marathon is held in Edinburgh, Scotland. It's held in collaboration with the Macmillan Cancer fund, which is the official charity of the half marathon. The terrain that the half marathon covers is flat and fast. The Edinburgh Half Marathon is good for first time runners or people looking for an easier run. There is no minimum sponsorship pledge if you have entered the race and would like to help raise money through sponsorship. If you apply for a place on the Macmillan team, you will get a fund raising pack, marathon training guide, sponsorship form, green vest and regular newsletters. Fund raising for this charity means that you will be making a difference in the lives of people with cancer. It also helps create awareness for cancer sufferers and an awareness of the Macmillan Cancer Fund. It shows your support for people suffering from cancer and helps show them that cancer sufferers are not alone. Money raised helps pay for psychotherapists and nurses, and contributes to the running of a Macmillan Support and Information Center and cancer helpline.

Crohn's and Colitis Team Challenge

Crohn's and Colitis Team Challenge is an initiative to raise money for crohn's disease and ucelrative colitis research. It's located in America. Join a team in your area and train with your teammates to compete in half marathons. Professional trainers will assist competitors and help them train for 16 weeks to prepare for the race. Advice on fund raising will also be provided. The team travels together to the race to facilitate camaraderie. Teams are located across America but if you cannot find a team near you there is a National team to join where you will receive training through emails and phone. Training sessions will be held in local parks and on trails where teammates can meet each other and train with professional coaches. Workshops will be held offering advice on relevant topics such as fitness and nutrition. Clinics to improve fund raising techniques will be held. The organization covers the costs of accommodation, training, transport and entrance to event parties. There is, however, a minimum fund raising requirement.

NYC Half Marathon

Determination is part of the American Cancer Society, and they're among the official partners of the NYC Half Marathon. Join the team and help give support to people fighting cancer. Dedicate your participation in marathons to raising funds for the American Cancer Society. Find an event in your area to get involved. As a participant you are guaranteed entry into the race, and will receive training if you live in the area. You will receive an ACS training shirt and an online fundraising page.

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