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Is Jogging in Place Beneficial?


The at-the-gym grind is sometimes difficult to keep up with during poor winter weather, but icy roads and snow-filled driveways shouldn't deter you from your daily cardio fix. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the average adult needs at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiovascular activity each week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although jogging in below freezing conditions might be too treacherous--and even dangerous--jogging in place serves as a zero-equipment substitute that you can perform from the comfort of your own home. Even though it might seem silly to some, jogging in place will elevate your heart rate and help you burn calories during winter's most brutal conditions.

The Benefits of Jogging in Place

Jogging in place doesn't require additional gym equipment and can be performed within the temperature-regulated confines of your own living room. This easy-to-do exercise increases heart rate to regular fat-burning capacity. It can also complement additional exercises, such as pushups and planks, to form a complete workout. You also don't need to be a fitness expert to jog in place. Simply find a suitable spot within your home and make sure you have enough space to lift your knees in cyclical motion. Jog in place for segments of five to 10 minutes before briefly resting for 60 seconds. Perform three sets of jogging in place to satisfy normal cardio output.

The Calorie Burn

According to information gathered by the MayoClinic, low-impact aerobic exercise, such as jogging in place, will burn approximately 183 calories in a 160-pound person over the duration of 30 minutes. Although this might not seem like a significant number of calories burned, it's more efficient than allowing yourself to become completely sedentary. You can increase the intensity of the simple movement of jogging in place by incorporating additional bodyweight exercise, which has the potential to increase total calories burned by nearly 50 percent.

The Jogging in Place Workout

A complete at-home workout focused on cardio exercise is entirely possible, even if you thought differently. To perform a 30-minute high-impact workout session focused on the concept of jogging in place, begin with a brief five-minute stretching period that loosens the muscles and tendons in the legs. Use a stopwatch to track your progress and begin by jogging in place for five minutes. After your initial jogging segment, drop to the floor to perform a set of 20 to 30 pushups, and then perform a 30-second plank. Rest for one minute and resume jogging in place for an additional five minutes. Then, perform 15 to 20 bodyweight squats followed by a 30-second segment of jumping jacks. Rest for one minute and repeat the cycle. This relatively simple workout will burn nearly 270 calories in a 160-pound person over approximately 30 minutes, and will work the muscles in the abdominal region and legs.

Tips for Success

You might find that it's much more difficult to maintain a normal exercise regimen when dedicating yourself to at-home workouts. Track your progress using a fitness log and stick to your routine. Remember to drink at least six to 10 eight-ounce glasses of water per day and eat a healthy diet rich with vitamins and protein. Exercise for at least three times per week to yield results over time.


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