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Can You Really Think Yourself Thin?

Fitday Editor
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Getting healthy begins in the mind. You have to first want something, like more muscle or a healthier waist line. The beginning is really a matter of "envisioning." The rest is simply "how" you get there.

To be clear and focused on your goal is a positive step towards achieving it. Once you know what you want, and are clear on wanting it, the steps themselves are easy. Yet we have all felt the daunting dread of having to force the body out of the habit that keeps it unhealthy. Why can it be so hard to stick with the program?

Believing in the Success

When you tell yourself "it's easier to stay in bed," you are saying that you do not believe in your goals, which means you do not believe in yourself, or in your ability to succeed. It starts with a simple declaration that you will succeed which changes your life.

Your desire to be healthy has to be so strong that it makes it easy to get up early, make it to the gym on time, prepare a wholesome breakfast and adhere to your program. This is all fueled by you desire to be healthy and achieve your goals.

Keeping Momentum

As the days and weeks pass, you begin to notice more energy and a better mood. You like the way you feel and you may want more! It is like a high and you become astonished by your accomplishments, yet this is only the start. These initial successes are going to be there for you when you come against the barriers in yourself.

Barriers are anything that stands in the way of your goals. For example, you may begin to hate your roommates and family for eating pie and pizza pockets. These sorts of negative feelings towards others can hurt your progress because you are actually diminishing your power to envision a positive outcome for yourself. Your getting fit to feel better about yourself, not to "be better" than others. Another barrier is the convenience of fast food on the run. Teach yourself good habits notice when your mind tries to make excuses

What About Negative Self Beliefs?

Each time you give attention to beliefs like, "I am not good enough," or "I can't do it," you diminish the power that is available for your achievements. However, you can refocus by taking a moment to see your success in a positive light.

It is important to examine negative self beliefs because they can often stand in the way. Ask a friend or see a counselor to go over what might sabotage your success. If that isn't appealing, then do some inner reflection and see if there is negative self talk. Then take time every day to reinforce the belief that you deserve total health. Actually "see" it as a reality now.

Aaron Ander is a holistic health care consultant and educator with a background in nutrition, iridology, reiki, biochemistry, and muscle testing. With many personal health challenges as a child, Aaron struggled his way to good health and overcame disease using natural means alone. This success led to a diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition and a relentless pursuit of the roots of illness. He has visited and lived on organic farms in an effort to understand what constitutes a truly holistic life. Aaron currently lives with family in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, where he writes articles for the holistic health community and has a healing practice. To contact Aaron please visit

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