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Can Positive Thinking Help You Lose Weight?

Fitday Editor
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As a holistic nutritionist and wellness consultant, I have the opportunity to help many clients overcome their health challenges and return to vital health and wholeness. Within the practice, my focus is always on diagnosing and correcting the underlying root cause of the health concern rather than ineffectively treating the symptoms. After we deal with the dietary and lifestyle factors, we need to address how the client's thoughts are affecting their health and healing path. Not the easiest of areas to tackle but well worth the effort.

If I say to you, "There is always an emotional connection to the illness as well as an emotional connection to the healing," how do you feel about that? It is the truth but how does that statement resonate with you? Are you uncertain as to what role your emotions play in overall health and well being?

Emotions are our guidance system. Our guidance as to whether the thought we were just thinking was either healthful or not. Let me explain how our thoughts can affect our physical body. Let's say you were sleeping, all safe and tucked into bed, and you were having a dream. A nightmare. You wake up with your heart racing, your blood pressure elevated, rapid breathing, you may even be sweating at bit. Your body is having a physical reaction or physical manifestation of what you were thinking and feeling. That is the best example I can give you as to how our thoughts and feelings affect our physical health. At all times, our body is responding with a physical manifestation in response to our emotions, thoughts and feelings.

We can look at the emotional connection to healing from a preventative or curative standpoint. Prevention is easily achieved if you pay attention to the way you feel and direct your thoughts to feelings of joy, happiness, contentment, peace, calm, safety, etc. If you have been neglecting your thoughts and feelings for quite some time, long enough for them to have manifested a particular physical ailment within your body, then there is a bit more work to do. Chronic patterns of thought tend to be harder to direct and change but it is possible to get to where you want to be (from a physical healing standpoint) no matter what the health condition. A diagnosis of a disease is simply an indicator of some form of vibration within you, communicated to your physical body through the emotions that you feel (or hide), that is not in line with your healing path. Once you change the vibration (thought pattern, belief, emotion) the physical manifestation within the body must change.

Start by paying attention to the thoughts and feelings that you experience on a daily basis. When you find yourself feeling a negative emotion, own it and move on. Do not dwell on the negative emotion for too long. Do not speak about it. Do not email about it. Do not continue to hold it in your vibrational energy field. If the thought, emotion, feeling is released (let go of as apposed to focused upon) it can have no or little adverse affect on the physical body. Reach for better feeling thoughts and feelings. Once you become aware of your patterns of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions, you can use them as your guidance system to help direct your path to wellness, wholeness and vital health.

Barbara Bates is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, Reiki Practitioner and CancerGuide. She holds a Masters Degree of Applied Science in Holistic Nutrition and runs a wellness practice in Canada. Barbara is specifically trained in diagnosing and correcting the underlying root cause of health concerns rather than treating the symptoms and her nutrition services are offered over the internet to assist those in all areas of the world. To contact Barbara, please visit You can email her at She can be reached via email at

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