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How to Increase Upper Body Strength with Kickboxing

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If you are looking for a great way to define the muscles of your upper body, try kickboxing. Although it may sound like kickboxing is only good for working the lower body, it is actually a healthy, strength-building activity for your whole body. In addition to being a strength- building exercise, kickboxing works the heart muscle and creates an aerobic effect. Kickboxing has traditionally been thought of only as a martial arts activity, but is becoming an increasingly popular form of aerobics and strength training.

Kickboxing to Build Back Strength

As the body ages it becomes more important to gain strength in the back. The lower back is part of the core and is constantly relied upon for a full range of movement. You can use kickboxing to gain back strength by incorporating twists, bends and turns into your routine. Starting lightly is highly recommended to avoid injury.

Kickboxing to Build Abdominal Strength

Another part of the upper body core is the abdominal area. Keeping your abs strong will make movement easier in all realms of your life. Again, it is the twists, turns and bending movements that will create this strength. There is also a knee-up kick, which is akin to a reverse crunch that will help define and strengthen your core. You should alternate legs for best results.

Kickboxing to Build Shoulder Strength

Another part of building upper body strength is the shoulders. The upper back and shoulders often get neglected during a regular aerobic routine. However, including the shoulder and upper back area in your workout is vital and adds to your overall strength. You will notice a difference in your everyday activity level and ease of movement. The important thing to remember when you want to build shoulder and upper back strength while kickboxing is to use precise and intentional movements repeatedly. You should also be fully extending your arms alternately.

Kickboxing to Build Arm Strength

It's quite easy to build strength and muscle tone in the arms when you engage in aerobic kickboxing on a regular basis. That is because the arms are utilized often with the jabbing and punching movements. You will start to see a defined difference in your biceps and triceps after a short period of time. You can increase the strength-building benefits by using hand weights or weighted gloves during your routine. It's important to make increases gradually and to use controlled and purposeful movement.

Kickboxing has other benefits as well. Because it's aerobic in nature you will start to lose body fat and lower your risk of heart disease and other weight-related illness. Kickboxing has the most benefit when you do it on a regular basis. You should also take the time to warm up before your kickboxing class or routine. This will help prevent any injury from occurring.

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