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Home Circuit Training Equipment Options for Limited Space

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Circuit training is a unique combination of resistance training and aerobics for fat loss and muscle building. There is a range of circuit training equipment that you can buy for your home to ensure you fit a work out into your busy schedule. Circuit training is the best way to follow your exercise regime and to get fit in half the time.

You can do circuit training at home with a good workout plan and the right circuit training equipment. Circuit training sessions comprise of many exercises or stations that have to be completed without any rest in between. These exercises are used to strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Home Circuit Training Equipment

If you have limited space in your home for installing exercise machines, you can have circuit training equipment. Circuit training equipment is relatively inexpensive and easier to store at home. Jump rope, surgical tubing, dumbbells, weight training machines, medical balls and physioballs are some of the circuit training equipment that you can buy for your home. They occupy very little space and provide you with a fantastic workout.

Treadmill and Stationary Bike

Cycling and jogging can be very beneficial, whether you do it at home or at the gym. You can purchase a treadmill for your home, and it will not occupy too much space. It is a very important cardio machine for strengthening the heart. Stationary bikes also ensure good toning of the body and help in burning calories. Stationary bikes also occupy very little space, and they are portable.


These are essential for biceps and triceps workout. You can have a fantastic circuit workout with dumbbells of different weights. Dumbbells can be easily kept in any corner of the room or in cabinets. They hardly need any space, and you can take them out when needed and place them back again.

Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are also good for circuit training. You can do the passing medicine ball exercise, which is good for the waist. Storing medicine balls is also quite easy, as you can keep them in any corner of your room.

With home-circuit training equipment, you don't have to travel to the gym. Your circuit training workout should include exercises like squats, cycling, jogging, shoulder presses, lunges and sprints on the stationary bike.

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