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At What Point in Your Fitness Journey Should You Buy Better Fitting Clothes?

Looking at your goals, where you are in your journey and your budget all play a factor in buying that new wardrobe.

The weight loss industry is big business — approximately $60 billion big. Gym memberships, trainers, dietitians, doctors, supplements, prescriptions and even the workout gear all cost money. And as you see those results, you realize that it is money well spent! However, now you have a different problem. You go to get dressed for work in the morning and suddenly your pants are way too big or your shirts are hanging off of you. Is it time to go buy new clothes?

Consider Your Journey

First, you need to look at your goals. What is your end weight/size goal? Where did you start? How long did it take you? Were there any plateaus up until this point? Answering these questions honestly can help you evaluate how much longer it may take you to reach your weight loss goal. You don't want to have to go out constantly buying new pants or shirts that don't look like you're playing dress-up.


Clothes can get expensive. Even shopping sales, buying off the rack or even second-hand, a whole wardrobe adds up. Most people can't afford to do this two or more times while they lose weight. So, you'll need to shop smart. At work, you need to look professional so these clothes may be a priority. But before you go out and buy new, take some items to a tailor. See if pants or jackets can be tailored to fit your changing body. If you do go and buy new, choose interchangeable pieces and basics. This way you can spend less but have more looks to wear to work. The same thing goes for casual wear.

Buying Too Small

It is so tempting to go out and buy clothes a size or two smaller than you are currently. You're excited about your progress and want to celebrate that! But even if the deal is amazing, avoid this trap. Even looking at how far you've come, you never really know how long it may take you to reach that next size. Then, you've spent money on something you can't even enjoy yet. Take your time, buy things that fit and look forward to that next size or two.

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