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Apparently Your Gin and Tonic Could Help With Hayfever

Finally, kicking back with a refreshing G&T has a health benefit!

There are few things better at the end of the day than to put your feet up and relax with a gin and tonic in hand. And it turns out that although alcohol is not known for its health benefits, drinking this mix could actually benefit those suffering from allergies like hayfever, or at the very least, it is a better alternative to some of the other drinks on the market.

Spring is the season that triggers allergies like hayfever, causing itchy eyes, scratching throat and runny noses. According to Asthma UK, a study found that 7 5 percent of people with asthma say alcohol triggers their symptoms, and the most common offenders are red wine, white wine, beer, and cider. The reason for this is that beverages like red wine and beer contain high levels of histamine, the same substance that is released into the body when you have an allergic reaction, while white wine is filled with sulfites. According to Hello! magazine, there are certain types of alcohol that can trigger allergies like hayfever, but the good news is that there are others that may be able to provide some relief.

Research has indicated that clear spirits like a drink of gin or vodka could provide the relief for those suffering from hayfever because of its low histamine content. The Independent notes that gin, in particular, could be the best drink for those with allergies because of the distillation process, which traditionally doesn’t have any sulfites.

Of course, a gin and tonic is by no means a cure for hayfever, but it could provide relief. It is also worth noting that if you are prone to allergies than it’s best to drink beverages that won’t aggravate the condition and switching to gin could be better in comparison to other drinks.

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