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All the Super Cute Things You'll Love From Lush's Christmas Collection

Lush is a cosmetic company we can always count on to provide us with cute holiday-themed products, and for Christmas this year they have not disappointed. The brand released its holiday line early (because it probably wanted consumers to get into the festive spirit, and by that, we also mean start opening up their wallets), but at the time, everyone was still getting over the excitement of the Halloween collection. However, now that the festive season is well and truly upon us, it’s worth taking a look at what the retailer has on offer.


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Much of the collection have names that make you salivate, like the Puddy Holly, Luxury Lush Pud, Candy Cane, and Golden Pear, and you guessed it, they are all Christmas food-inspired products. The Golden Pear is a soap designed to not only look good but also smell good, with fruity scents. Plus, it's great for moisturizing and has been created to keep the skin hydrated (which is always welcome during the festive season). While the reusable Candy Cane bubble bar is not the typical smell you’re expecting, instead, it has hints of lemon and bergamot oils.

You can also find a Snowman or a Santa shaped bath bomb, the latter of which has a spicy and sweet smell created using a mix of cocoa, vanilla, and bergamot. And then there’s the Cheery Christmas bath bomb shaped like a snowflake, that’s waiting to turn your bath water pink and tickle your senses with the fragrance of Sicilian lemon and buchu oils.

@lushcosmetics // Instagram

What we love about Lush is not just their themed collections, but the fact that they are dedicated to making products that are free from animal testing, and the company will only purchase their ingredients from suppliers who feel the same way. There's that, and the fact that they are made with a large majority of natural ingredients, as well as safe synthetics, because beauty shouldn’t have to hurt anyone or anything.

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