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A Complete Workout in 20 Minutes

Fitday Editor

You have a million errands to run and you're already stressed. That trip to the gym is probably not making your never ending to-do list. If you have 20 minutes to spare, try the "Little Bit of Everything" workout to get the essentials covered without sacrificing your whole day!

Step by Step:

1. Warm Up: Moderately paced Toe Taps for 2 minutes. (Image 1)

2. Core and Back: V Hold for 30 seconds. (Image 2) Back Raise Hold for 30 seconds. (Image 3)


01_Everything03.jpg3. Extremities: 10 Pushup Drop Downs leading with the right arm, then 10 Pushup Drop Downs leading with the left arm. (Image 4) 20 Glute Leg Raises per leg. (Image 5)


01_Everything05.jpg4. Cardio: Fast paced Toe Taps or Air Toe Taps for 3 minutes. (Image 6)


Repeat #2-4 two more times and increase the hold time and amount of repetitions as you get stronger.

5. Cool Down: Slowly paced Toe Taps for 2 minutes.

Photos by: Andie Baker

Katy Moeggenberg owns, manages, and instructs at both the Blue Ash Shaolin-Do and Anaya Belly Dance in Cincinnati, Ohio. She's a Kung Fu black belt (4th degree), professional dancer and choreographer, runner, and Yogi. She has enabled a variety of goals for her clients to come true-fine tuning professional dancers' routines, honing martial artists' skills for complex competitions, and empowering clients to lose as much as 100 pounds. She performs dance and Kung Fu over 50 times a year across national venues. In addition, her teaching has been featured and sought after at national dance conventions and NFL cheerleader training camps. Learn more about Katy at

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