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9 Super Weird Facts to Know About the Hair on Your Body

It's a bit of a hairy situation ...

The hair on our body can regulate temperature (keeping you insulated or removing sweat), and protect against sweats and oils, for example, the eyebrows help keep the eyes dry. Sure, shaving every few days can be annoying, but hair, and the many different places it can be found, serves many purposes, and below are several weird facts about it you may not have known.

A lot of hair may mean that you’re one smart cookie. It may seem weird that hair and intelligence are linked, but according to a study, researchers found that male Mensa members had more body hair than the average population.

And we’ll just leave this here, but the longest chest hair is 9.25 inches long, Buzzfeed reports.

You lose more body hairs than head hairs. According to Total Beauty, the average person loses around 25 to 100 hairs on their head daily but loses 150 body hairs.

Almost everyone trims their pubic hair. According to Medical Daily, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that within the last four weeks, 90 percent of people had done a little maintenance on their pubes. But, according to Buzzfeed, there are a lot of shaving-related incidents that have resulted in individuals seeking medical attention. The study showed that the most common cause of injury was using a razor.

Wondering why you have to wax so often? Well, that’s because body hair usually regrows between 1 to 2 weeks after plucking or waxing, Buzzfeed reports. In fact, with the exception of bone marrow, the publication reports that your hair is the fastest growing tissue.

Boob hair is a thing. While no woman wants to find a hair growing on her breast, according to Medical Daily, this is a normal occurrence and surprisingly happens to most women at some point in their lives.

But don’t feel bad, because there are few places hair doesn’t grow. According to MamaMia, the only places that hair cannot grow is on your lips, eyelids, palms, soles, and mucous membranes.

Blondes have all the fun, and all the hair. Apparently, blonde people have the most hair follicles. But then people with red hair are supposedly more susceptible to pain. A study found that redheads often need 20 percent more pain relief than those with other hair colors, MamaMia reports.

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