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8 of the Laziest Ways to Burn Calories

What do you do to burn calories on the days you just don't feel like working out? It's tough to push back stress and fatigue to get in a killer workout, especially if you add personal or relationship problems on top of that. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can burn calories without actually working out. They're certainly not the best ways to get in shape—nothing beats a proper workout and healthy eating — but you'll find these laziest ways to burn calories are great on the days when you "can't even."

1. Balance Ball

Instead of sitting on a proper chair, get yourself a balance ball for sitting while you watch TV, play with your kids, or get some work done. The instability will engage your core muscles, leading to better back, abs, and oblique strength. You'll burn calories in your "lazy workout."

2. Walk and Work

Instead of working out, take phone calls on your treadmill, or get a Walkstation to walk as you work or watch TV. Anyone can walk without feeling tired, and it's a great way to move around while doing other activities.

3. Drink Coffee

Coffee is a metabolism-booster that will help you to burn more calories. It will also raise your internal temperature, leading to better fat metabolism. Just make sure to drink it black — adding milk and sugar raise the calorie content above what you are burning.

4. Chew Gum

If you've ever chewed gum for more than an hour straight, you know how tiring it can be. The act of chewing can burn calories, and will also reduce your hunger pangs and cravings. You'll have less of an urge to snack while chewing gum, making it easier to avoid overeating.

5. Go Spicy

Spicy Thai, Indian, Mexican, and African cuisine can raise your metabolic rate, thanks to the capsaicin content (from chili peppers). You'll also raise your internal body temperature and increase calorie burning. The spicier the better!

6. Crank up the A/C

Did you know that your body responds to cold environments by burning calories? It's the only way to generate internal heat, which will prevent you from getting too cold. Lower the temperature to at least 64 degrees, and let your body work to keep you warm.

7. Drink Cold Water

This has a similar effect to turning up the A/C. When you put cold water into your body, it has to expend energy (calories) to warm it up. Drinking cold water will force your body to burn more calories, so have a few more cups of cold water throughout the day!

8. Move around

Instead of sitting while you watch TV, walk around the living room — or, at the very least, stand. The more you move, the more energy your body uses, meaning the more calories you burn. You don't have to do actual exercise, just keep moving.

A few simple tricks, but they can help you to burn more calories on the days that you're too tired to hit the gym. In the long run, burning a few more calories every day goes a long way!

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