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7 Ways Your Body Changes When You’re Pregnant

When you become a mother, your life changes forever. Many women claim this is the most fantastic thing to ever happen to them, and you can never know true unconditional love like that of a mother. But in the months before you give birth, your body transforms into a vessel to carry this little life, and below are some of the changes that happen when you’re pregnant.

The most obvious and visible way your body will change is in shape; some of the changes include a bulging belly, weight gain and fluid retention, stretch marks, back pains, and larger breasts. The breast size of each woman is unique, but midwife Kim Trout told Live Science, it’s often one of the most surprising changes for women. She said, "A woman's breast size and her bra size may change several times during pregnancy. Some women see this as a welcome change."

Pregnant women may also notice their areola darken and according to Healthline, they could also see an increase in the size of the areola and nipple.

Another change women may not be expecting is vision changes. According to Healthline, some women experience increased nearsightedness during pregnancy, although this often returns to normal after giving birth. Other vision-related changes include an increase in intraocular pressure, and blurriness and discomfort with contact lenses.

A woman's taste can also change and taste preferences differ depending on the trimester. For some women, this change is rather dramatic, but in general, pregnant women tend to prefer salty or sweet foods, Healthline reports. Women can also experience dysgeusia, which is a distortion of taste. Vision and taste, how many more sense can change when you’re pregnant? Well, you can add smell into the mix, because some women report a heightened sense of smell and sensitivity to certain scents.

Some women may appreciate the hair growth during pregnancy, giving their hair a more full, healthy appearance, but it’s not just hair on the head but also the body that increases. According to Live Science, this hair can sometimes be in an unwanted place like the nipple.

And the enlarged uterus caused by pregnancy affects the gastrointestinal system causing pressure and slowing digestion, which can have unpleasant side effects like the passing of gas or constipation, Living and Loving reports.

Bleeding gums is common during pregnancy, and extra care should be placed on oral hygiene to avoid infections. And Trout told Live Science that women are more exposed to infections during pregnancy because their immune system is weakened.

But despite these just being a handful of the many dramatic changes, pregnancy, and your pregnant body, is something to love because you’re able to accommodate a child.

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