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7 Gifts for the Fitness Fixated

Have a fitness enthusiast to buy for? Here are some great ideas that will be sure to make them smile when they open your present.

Have a fitness fiend on your Christmas list this year? If you’re shopping for someone who can’t seem to leave the gym, the good news is you have plenty of options. The gym is a passion that can require a number of tools so you have your choice of great gifts.

Keeping your recipient in mind, you can quickly determine what you think they’d like the most and what will fit in with their goals and routine.

Here are some great ideas to get you going.

Massage Gift Certificates

They have to ease those sore and tired muscles somehow and nothing does that quite like a good massage. This is one gift that almost any fitness enthusiast will appreciate.

Squat Shoes

If you have a budding weightlifter on your list, then picking them up a pair of dedicated squat shoes is a fantastic idea. These shoes make it easier for them to reach a full range of motion while squatting and also help boost performance.

It’ll be one gift that’ll help them take their game to the next level. With many brands available, you can find one that should work with your budget range.

Heart Rate Monitor

Another good gift if you have someone who’s very dedicated to their cardio workouts is a good heart rate monitor. This is a great option for the fitness fixated individual who tends to head outside for their run since they have no other real way of checking how hard they’re working.

While indoors, most machines do provide heart rate monitor sensory strips, outside, there’s nothing.

Gym Bag

Almost every fitness lover will appreciate a new gym bag. It’s the one thing they tote with them day in and day out and over time theirs probably has gotten a bit ratty. Be sure to pick one up with plenty of individualized compartments so they can store and find their various fitness tools and accessories.


Another good gift you know your recipient quite well is supplements. Whether it’s a tub of protein you buy them or the latest in pre-workout products, supplements can become very expensive to buy over time, so chances are they aren’t buying as many as they’d like.

Not sure what to buy? A gift card works great here as well.

Vibrating Foam Roller

While it may sound like a rather risque gift idea, it’s not what it seems. It’s simply a foam roller that you use to work out those tight and tired muscles that, when triggered, will vibrate to help relax those muscles even further.

For the person not into a massage, this can be a fantastic gift idea. Check it out from Vibe Plus.

Extra Long Yoga Mat

Finally, if you have someone in your life that loves to yoga, this is a great gift to buy them. They’ll appreciate having that extra room to stretch out while they perform their downward dogs.

There are so many different ways to get fit, which results in an unlimited number of gift-giving possibilities. Put some thought into what you want to get your special someone this year and get shopping.

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