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7 Foods That Make Your Farts Smell Even Worse

Beans aren’t the only magical fruits that make your farts smell bad.

Beans aren’t the only magical fruits that make your farts smell bad. Certain foods make your farts smell worse than others because they have a high sulfur content. Most farts are an odorless combination of methane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. But when you eat sulfur-filled foods, you’ll probably notice. And so may anyone in your vicinity. Many of the stink-causing culprits are also super healthy, so don’t avoid them altogether, just if you’re planning on being social. Check out the top 10 foods that make your farts smell worse:

1. Broccoli is probably one of the most nutritious vegetables around, filled with vitamins and fiber. But it also contains smelly-fart compounds including not only sulfur but also raffinose, an enzyme.

2. Dairy, if you happen to be lactose intolerant. Cow dairy contains especially high amounts of lactose, a sugar that not everyone can digest. If you lack the enzyme needed to digest lactose you end up with severely smelly gas (along with discomfort and the possibility of diarrhea.

3. Brussels sprouts were probably the bane of your existence as a child, which is why they’re so much better now that you can find them covered in bacon. Bacon or not, they’re from the same smelly family as broccoli and will leave you with stinky farts.

4. Protein, whether you prefer to have a steak or snack on protein bars, eating a lot of protein is probably going to lead to smelly gas because many kinds of meat contain methionine, a sulfur-containing amino acid.

5. Fruits are high in fiber, which can produce gas, but they also contain sorbitol, another gas-producing stench maker.

6. Beans really do make you fart, it’s not just a silly kid’s rhyme. Beans contain both protein and fiber, both of which take a long time for your body to break down. This means that they linger in your gastrointestinal tract a while, before emerging as stinky gas.

7. Nuts are another stinky food that are high in protein and fiber and know for causing gas — especially cashews.

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