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7 Easy Ways to Get Softer, Healthier Hair

There's a reason the saying “a bad hair day” is linked to everything going wrong on that day, and that’s because when you feel your hair is unruly and dry, it can really knock your confidence. So, with that in mind, let’s banish bad hair days (at least in the literal sense) and focus on tips for getting softer, healthier hair.

Go Easy on the Washing

You may be washing your hair too often and this could lead to breakage because water makes your hair swell from the inside. According to Allure, if you can skip washing your hair for a day or two, then do it. Also, consider the shampoo that you are using when you do wash your hair, and make sure you’re using something that has “damaging repair” on the label.

Seventeen also notes that drier hair absorbs more nutrients, so before you condition, it would be beneficial to remove some of the moisture by patting your hair dry.

Don’t Wash With Hot Water

Something as simple as washing your hair with water that is too hot could be causing it damage by stripping the good oils. Instead, use warm water, Healthline notes.

Say "No" to Clarifying Formulas

Avoid clarifying formulas because although they strip hair from oil and grime, they will also strip it of all the goodness, Allure reports.

Skip the Shimmering Spray

According to HelloGiggles, sprays like these can be damaging for your hair, instead, use argan oil which can leave your hair looking shiny while also improving the texture.

Try Not to Use Heat, but if You Must Be Smart About It

Heat styling can dry out your hair and take away the glossiness, therefore it’s much better to let your hair air dry, and pat it gently with a towel after you get out the shower. According to Allure, a cotton T-shirt will work better than any towel and is far more gentle on your hair.

If you do have to use heat though, then counteract the damage by using heat protectant sprays.

Get Enough Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Your Diet

While your hair care routine and the products you use can help avoid breakage and further damage, it’s also important to consider your diet and getting enough Omega 3 fatty acids will promote healthy, shiny hair.

Say "Yes" to Overnight Hair Masks

According to HelloGiggles, giving your hair a little TLC is a good idea and some great overnight formulas include coconut oil, which can be massaged into the hair from roots to tips and then left in until the morning.

Pick the treatment that best suits your hair condition, for example, if you have fine and dry hair, a vitamin E-enriched formula will help, while damaged hair can benefit from a keratin formula, Seventeen notes.

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