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6 Wellness Apps That Are Worth Downloading

If you’re considering making the journey into a healthier, better you in 2019 (especially now that the holiday festivities are behind us) then it may be beneficial to use some recommended wellness apps to help track your progress.

Among these recommended apps is Deliciously Ella, created by blogger Ella Woodward. According to Hello! Magazine, what makes this app so appealing is the hundreds of healthy, plant-based recipes that are available, offering meal inspiration during the week.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important, we all know this, but being able to track the quality of your sleep and knowing when the optimal time to wake up is, can make you feel more rested and alert. For this reason, the app Sleep Cycle is a tool that can be used to help find the “perfect wake up window,” meaning that the app will wake you at the best time, during the lightest sleep phase.

Headspace is one of the more well-known wellness apps and it’s been gaining popularity because it helps us learn more about mindfulness and meditation. It’s an app that has been mentioned in the media many times, in part because it’s worth millions, but also because just a few minutes of meditation a day can help to increase happiness and overall well being.

If you’re starting 2019 with a broken heart, then paying attention to self-care is important and the breakup app, Mend, can help. PopSugar recommends this app as one of the best wellness apps to add to your self-care routine and notes that it provides day-by-day guidance and progress tracking to, hopefully, get you feeling better faster.

Struggling to find the motivation to workout? This is exactly why Fit Radio exists, and according to the app, instead of spending time creating a workout playlist, you can simply get this app and find a beat that syncs to your workout or motivates you to train harder. There is also the option to pick your music based on BPM or listen to a coach instruct you.

According to Men’s Journal, if you want an app that’s best for comprehensive training then Aaptiv is a good choice. This app offers thousands of audio classes, as well as multiple trainers creating new classes each week. Essentially, you’re paying for new workout inspiration, as well as motivation, and you can get all of this on your phone.

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