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6 Ways to Boost Energy Naturally

Instead of a false feeling of being awake, learn some ways that will naturally boost your energy, and leave you feeling alert and productive.

Caffeine, sugar and other energy boosters definitely have a place. But maybe you feel like you're relying on them too much. Or maybe you just feel tired constantly and these solutions aren't solutions for you. Whatever your reason, there are options available so that you can boost your energy in a natural way.


So this is not surprising. Maybe you know you don't get enough sleep each night—four to five hours will creep up and sap your energy. But what if you feel you are sleeping enough? Well, you can figure it out. Restricting your sleep may sound odd, but it's a way to find out how much quality sleep you need each night. To do it, first, avoid a nap. Then go to sleep later than normal and only sleep four hours. If you got quality sleep—no tossing, turning or waking up often—add 15-30 minutes the next night. Keep adding time until you find yourself waking naturally and feeling good.

Stress Management

Stress is an inevitable part of life. It's going to happen, and sometimes it comes from unexpected places. You may not be able to control what happens, but you can learn to control your reaction to it. Develop stress management strategies for yourself. Remove stress from your life where you can. For the things you can't remove try different methods. Walking or exercise, massage, reading, talking to a friend, join a support group, or even try meditation.

Watch your Fluids

Limit your alcohol intake, and get that water in. Water is a natural performance enhancer for all but the most strenuous of activities. Plus, over half of your body is comprised of water. If you don't drink enough, your body cannot function properly. So, start drinking to give your energy a lift.


If you're training for a marathon, long triathlon or other intense sports, your workouts can leave you fatigued. But, if you exercise regularly for your health and overall fitness improvement it can lead to increased energy levels. Find activities that you enjoy, challenge you and leave you feeling great.

Ditch the Smoking and Watch your Sugar

You know smoking is not good for you. However, quitting is hard and it may be something you've tried in the past or just never wanted to. Well, smoking can sap your energy among other things. It may be time to give quitting another try. While sugar is not smoking, it can play with your energy levels and then lead to a crash. Moderate your sugar intake and understand how long after eating it that you feel tired from the blood sugar drop.

Good Nutrition

A balanced diet leads to healthy body weight, optimal body function and can also leave you feeling energized and alert. Start looking at your diet and see where improvements can be made. Add in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean sources of proteins and heart-healthy fats.

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