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6 Low-Calorie Alcoholic Beverages That Aren’t as Bad for Your Health

Excessive drinking is definitely not good for your health, but if you’re watching your waistline and would also like a drink or two at dinner, you want to make smart, informed decisions. Many drinks come with large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates, like cocktails, and although high in calories they have very little nutritional value.

From a calorie perspective, cocktails and liqueurs are usually the worst, but below are six alcohols that are lower in calories than others. That said, it’s still important not to overindulge if you want to minimize the effects that alcohol has on your weight.

A glass of red wine is arguably one of the better drinks for your health because it's loaded with antioxidants and can help improve “good” cholesterol, prevent cognitive decline, and possibly even lower the risk of having a heart attack. Red wine is around 125 calories per glass.

White wine is also low in calories and around 100 to 120 calories per glass, but it’s important to pick the dryer wines as these have less sugar content.

Champagne only has around 85 calories per glass, so you can toast your friends and family guilt-free.

Another low-calorie drink is vodka, which is 97 calories per 1.5 oz. If you’re going to be drinking vodka, don’t opt for tonic water because it’s filled with sugar and therefore calories, rather change this out with sparkling water. Add a fresh lemon or lime for a little flavor!

Light beer is around 110 calories for a standard drink, which is about 40 calories less than a regular beer, and thus a smarter choice.

And then there are darker spirits like whiskey, brandy, and cognac which reportedly average at around 100 calories per shot. The importance here is to focus on the mixers and choose ones that are not high in sugar, like club soda or lime juice.

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