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6 Fitness Bloggers You Should Be Following

Say hello to your new source of #fitspiration!

Fitness trends come and go but a few fitness bloggers have discovered the secret to staying power: creating a program that really works because it resonates with its followers. Take a look at some of the top fitness bloggers that you should be following to find a fitness regimen that works for you.

1. Anna Victoria has earned praise for her real approach to fitness. The blogger usually features photos of herself looking so good, it’s unreal. But she also posts photos of herself that are less than traditionally flattering, involving belly rolls and bloating, to remind people that the photos you usually see are carefully arranged for the best results. Her real approach and community spirit has earned her an international following, including updated results of those that follow her famed FBG program.

2. Fitness on Toast is a fitness focused lifestyle blog. It showcases a lot of travel, which is impressive because vacations are notoriously bad for the waistline. Site founder Faya Nilsson shares her wisdom and the blog has grown from a few recipes to a fashion collaboration of fitness attire with Harrods.

3. Carly Rowena started her blog as a hobby, sharing her love of various brands and products. Since then, her blog continues to grow and now involves paid advertisements where Carly continues to share her favorite brands and products, with the understanding that they are gifts but visitors can buy them from Carly’s online store.

4. Nerd Fitness is a blog with an unconventional approach to fitness. It offers resources for beginners as well as creative ways to get followers engaged based on all kinds of lifestyle information. It offers support and wit and is pretty popular with nerdy fitness types, but works well even for cool kids.

5. Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin is pretty much every woman that has tried to diet. She shares her thoughts on fitness fads and trends, highlighting those that work and a scientific perspective on why they do and don’t.

6. 12 Minute Athlete is the rare fitness blog that acknowledges that the greatest excuse for not working out is a lack of time. The blog focuses on HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts that take just 12 minutes a day, so that they can be squeezed in any time you find yourself with 12 minutes. There are also recipes and an app for that.

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