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6 Extreme Summer Sports for Weight Loss Success


Sick and tired of spending your summer cooped up in a stuffy gym trying to get in shape? Summer is a time for adventure and thrills, so it's time for you to get out and try something new! Extreme sports will not only give you an amazing rush, but can burn a ton of calories.

1. Surfing

Hitting the beach for a much-deserved vacation? Why not take up the awesome sport of surfing? Not only can you ride the waves and feel like the King of the Ocean, but you can burn between 200 and 250 calories per hour. Your arms and legs will get a great workout as you paddle out to catch those swells, and your core muscles are hit every time you do the "pop up" to stand up on your board.

2. Boarding

Snowboarding is the most popular form of "boarding," but it's not the only one out there. Hop on a boat and try wakeboarding (or water skiing) to burn between 400 and 500 calories per hour. Or, find your nearest volcano (obviously, this can be a tough challenge for most people) for some volcano boarding. Nicaragua is a popular volcano boarding destination, where you can burn between 300 and 400 calories per hour going down the hill. Plus you'll burn a ton walking back up.

3. Cliff Diving

The idea of throwing yourself from a cliff into a pool of water or an ocean below may appeal to your daredevil personality, and the climb you have to make to get up to the cliff will be your exercise for the day. You can burn a whopping 600 to 900 calories per hour of climbing, so imagine how fit you'll be after scaling that cliff for your fourth or fifth jump for the day! With destinations like Lana'i in Hawaii or Acapulco in Mexico, you may just be able to experience this thrill for yourself!

4. Underwater Hockey

Hockey may be the Canadian national sport, but they've got nothing on underwater hockey. Gear up in your snorkeling equipment, and get ready for some intense underwater sport. Regular snorkeling alone burns between 300 to 400 calories per hour, so imagine how much more you'll burn playing hockey under the water. For water sports lovers, this is where it's at!

5. Zorbing

New Zealand is home to some pretty crazy stuff, including bungee jumping, the Flight of the Conchords, and Zorbing. Imagine rolling around in a giant plastic ball, and that's zorbing. The ball gets rolled down the hill, and you get tossed around inside the protective bubble in the center of the ball. There's no calculation of just how many calories you can burn with this activity, but trying to keep your balance will give you a great core workout.

6. Rafting

Living close to the Grand Canyon is a plus, but it's not the only place where you can experience the sheer thrill of whitewater rafting. With just you, your friends, and a boat against the power of nature, you'll get a rush of adrenaline that will make you thirst for more adventure. You'll also burn a solid 400 to 500 calories per hour, and your upper body and core are going to get an amazing workout as you push yourself through to the other side of the rapids.



Andy Peloquin had battled with weight loss issues his whole life. To overcome this, he began studying fitness and is now in the process of becoming a certified professional fitness trainer. He exercise seven days a week and is excited to share his down-to-earth knowledge of exercise and fitness.

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