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6 Eating Mistakes People Make During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is filled with joy, but it’s also filled with food. Many people tend to over-indulge during the Christmas period, snacking on foods packed with sugars and drenched in salt, and this often leads to a little bulge around the middle (and a New Year’s resolution where we swear we will be better the next Christmas).

Overeating and putting on weight during this season is a common problem, and a previous Consumer Reports survey found that what 37 percent of people dreaded the most about this time of the year, was gaining weight. The only thing they disliked more was “crowds and long lines,” which 68 percent reacted to. So, how do we stop these eating mistakes?

One of the simplest ways to avoid eating too much is to eat smaller balanced meals, instead of skipping meals so you can eat more of your Christmas feast. According to Dietetic Directions an individual should avoid not eating for a period of longer than six hours, and eating regularly will help nourish your body. There is nothing wrong with having a little snack before the Christmas meal if you’re hungry (just try not to make that a carbo-loaded snack).

Which brings us to the next point, and that is eating too many little snacks and appetizers, which are filled with calories. Instead, the publication notes, you should serve them on a small plate or napkin, which “normalizes the portion" and can limit how much you're eating.

Another tip to consider is not drinking enough water, and oftentimes when you eat, it’s because you’re thirsty. Drinking water can also help with calorie control (as well as taking care of the body’s vital functions).

Bring your own snacks. If you are going to be on the move and headed from work to a party, or you’re planning on enjoying a Christmas meal but would prefer to skip the appetizers, then consider bringing your own healthy snacks with you, like fruit or nuts.

We already know that Christmas food is typically high in calories, but during the festive season we often forget to factor in the drinks, and this is one of the biggest mistakes. According to Express, dietician Helen Bond says “Alcohol is packed with empty calories.” Plus it weakens the willpower and makes us more hungry.

Lastly, just because it’s once a year, do not be fooled into thinking you can eat as much as you want. According to Express, dietician Juliette Kellow says we need to change the way we view special occasions and stop thinking we can eat and drink what we want during this period. She said, “Constantly viewing special occasions as an opportunity to splurge on fat and calories can seriously pile on the pounds over the course of a year.”

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