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6 Bugs You Can Eat (and How to Cook 'Em!)

You may think you're pretty adventurous when it comes to trying out new cuisines, but you probably haven't had a longing to chomp down on bugs, right? But the thing is, you can eat insects, and in many cultures they are considered to be a delicacy or a food staple — as well as an excellent source of protein.

So, which insects can you eat, and what can they do for you? Below are six bugs that could provide you with protein if you find yourself in a survival situation, but also, they are common enough to try — at least once in a life time.


Crickets are filled with calcium and protein (with most of the nutritional value coming from the midsection). Typically eaten in Mexico, Thailand, and Cambodia, people tend to get creative with the preparation of crickets and you can eat them fried, roasted or boiled.


Prepared in much the same way as crickets (dry roasted and with a sprinkling of salt is common), grasshoppers are high in protein. They are also easy to catch, especially in the mornings when they move more slowly.


Again, another great source of protein can be found in termites. Prepare them by roasting them in an open pan.


Eaten throughout various places in Asia (including Thailand and Malaysia), cicadas are reportedly tender and delicious if eaten shortly after they have molted into adulthood.

Mopane Worm

Common in Southern Africa, mopane worms are a staple for many as they provide a source of protein. However, they are also available at various restaurants for tourists to sink their teeth into. Usually, the worms are dried in the sun or by using smoke, but they can also be soaked to rehydrate and then fried.


Sure, it may take much more than a handful of ants to give you the protein you need and make you full, but ants are one of the most common bugs to eat and contain protein, calcium, and even a bit of iron.

Feel like you need to try out these bugs? If you're not up for catching them yourself, there are online stores dedicated to the sale of bugs.

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