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5 Ways to Sneak Vegetables Into Your Kids' Meals

Even for children who actually enjoy eating their veggies, it can be challenging to get the recommended number of servings every day. Fortunately for parents, there are some great ways to sneak some into their favorite foods for extra nutrition without the added fuss. Try some of these kid-friendly ideas for a nutritious meal or snack.

Veggie Freezer Pops

Blended fruit and vegetable freezer pops are a delicious way to get your kids to eat more healthy foods. Puree baby spinach, avocado, or beet juice with fresh or frozen berries for an icy treat. Dark berries and pineapple pair well with spinach or you could try strawberry banana beet popsicles for a winning combination.

Mac and Cheese

Adding cheese to vegetables is an excellent way to make them more palatable to your children. Cook up your kid’s favorite veggie, add it to noodles, and combine it with the sauce for veggie mac and cheese. You can add vegetables to this dish more covertly by pureeing sweet potatoes or squash and adding the mixture right into the cheese sauce.


Casseroles provide the perfect opportunity to sneak grated vegetables into your kid’s meal. Finely shredded summer squash or zucchini can be added to almost any casserole without changing its flavor or texture. You could also add tater or veggie tots to your dish for some added nutrition.


Whipping up a smoothie is a great way to ensure your kids meet their recommended daily vegetable intake. Add a handful of kale or some carrots and cucumber to some bananas for a delicious, healthy treat. You could even try pureeing in some avocado for added vitamins with a creamy texture.


If you’re really struggling to get your kids to eat veggies by more traditional means, try baking them into a dessert. Chocolate brownies provide the perfect disguise for a serving of zucchini or squash. Best of all, your kids will never even know they’re getting extra nutrition from their fudgy dessert.

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