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5 Ways to Gamify Your Exercise Routine

Who knew regular exercise could be so much fun!

If you’re in an exercise rut, gamifying your workouts might be just what you need to stay motivated and get back on track. Knowing some ways to gamify your exercise routine may be just what the doctor ordered.

What Gamification Apps Are

Gamifying your workouts means choosing gaming apps that allow you to play games during exercise. You might compete against yourself or other people in competitions to win money and other prizes — or simply achieve goals (in a fun way) set by you or a team you've joined.

1. Zombies, Run!

A running app that will keep you on your toes and increase running speed to win games, Zombies, Run! is a gamification app you won’t be sorry you tried. You’ll be running from Zombies, and forced to boost workout speed and intensity to avoid getting caught. During each “mission,” you’ll grab supplies that help you conquer the goal of escaping from Zombies! Running has never been more fun with this popular gamification app.

2. Fitocracy

If you need a little motivation boost to stay pumped for workouts and other healthy lifestyle choices, consider Fitocracy as your next workout gamification app of choice. This fitness game helps you live healthier by participating in role-playing games where you can reach next levels by eating healthy and working out regularly. You can also find other players and fitness groups to gain a little extra encouragement, which helps you stay on track with fitness goals. You can join teams for challenges as well, which acts as a way to keep you accountable (so you don’t let your team down).

3. Superhero Workout

If becoming a superhero and saving the world sounds like an exciting way to enjoy your next workout, consider the Superhero Workout gamification app. You’ll be tasked with saving humanity (under the threat of invasion) by choosing from a variety of world-saving exercise missions. You can activate shields and weapons needed to complete your missions and save humanity. You’ll be so focused on accomplishing action-packed tasks, that working out will feel more like a fun game than an arduous daily task.

4. Fleetly

A free (but fun nonetheless) exercise app that will get your blood pumping is called Fleetly. This gamification app uses a point system to demonstrate how exercises and your effort are adding up. You’ll log each workout, and receive a fitness coach if needed to reach weekly workout goals. Sign up for fun fitness challenges — such as running, six-pack, biking and overall fitness workouts — when you choose Fleetly. You’ll receive points for high levels of exertion and can easily track the number of calories you’ve burned.

5. HealthyWage

What better way to stay motivated with workouts than by earning money for meeting health and exercise challenges! The fitness app HealthyWage offers you a chance to get paid when you stick with fitness and weight loss goals. You can win bets by fronting money, with potential earning ranging from $500 to over $1,000 in just nine months time after meeting weight loss goals. You’ll be held accountable for weekly weigh-ins, using an online HealthyWage representative. Participate in jackpot and team challenges for a chance to win some extra earnings.

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