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5 Ways Tattoos Can Benefit Someone’s Life

Tattoos have a social stigma surrounding them, and even in 2018, people are judged for the marks they choose to leave on their skin. Everyone has an opinion on tattoos, but at the end of the day, the only opinion that should matter is that of the individual who has chosen to ink their body.

That, and science.

And science tells us that tattoos can actually have a positive effect on an individual's sense of well-being. According to a study published in the American Journal of Human Biology, having multiple tattoos can boost the immune system. The research revealed that those who have multiple tattoos had their levels of the antibody Immunoglobulin A decline slower than those who were getting their first tattoo. This suggests that individuals with many tattoos may be able to better deal with this type of stress.

South China Morning Post reveals there is evidence to suggest in ancient humans, tattoos were placed over acupuncture points in an effort to produce a lasting therapeutic effect. The publication also notes that even today some cultures use medicinal tattoos as part of a practice to ease ailments.

In addition to the perceived health benefits of getting a tattoo, there are also emotional benefits; tattoos provide a source of comfort to some individuals and are seen as a way of self-expression and individuality.

According to Psychology Today, tattoos modify self-esteem and can enhance an individual's body, as well as makeup for something that’s missing. A person’s choice of tattoo can signal rebirth, it can provide comfort, or it could be a mark of rebellion, an indication of independence, and sometimes, a way to deal with death. The publication notes how a skull tattoo, for example, honors an individual’s control over death, insisting the wearer is not afraid — similar tactics were employed by ancient civilizations whose warriors wore masks of ferocious animals.

Tattoos also have the ability to make the wearer feel connected to others, like gang tattoos, which Psychology Today notes give the members a shared feeling of power and status.

That’s not to say tattoos do not have risks involved, and before getting a tattoo, the tattoo artist and the shop should be thoroughly researched. There are also complications like infection, and scarring, that can occur in some cases. What these benefits do suggest though, is perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to judge someone’s decision, which could be beneficial to their life in a personal way.

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