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5 Unusual Medical Professions

When thinking of joining the medical field (or perhaps just wondering about it) there are the obvious jobs that come to mind, like a registered nurse and a physician, but there are also other, lesser-known jobs with interesting titles.

It’s not every day that we hear about a medical illustrator, and although we don’t watch medical shows that often, we’re pretty sure we haven’t heard mention of a traveling phlebotomist or seen a music therapist. But these individuals have some of the most important jobs, and ones that should not be overlooked, so below are 5 unusual medical professions to know.

Traveling Phlebotomist: The name alone is quite a mouthful, but for those who are not aware of what the profession entails, it is basically a medical professional who takes blood to help with transfusions, donations, and blood research (you may have seen them at blood drives).

The "traveling" part is because these individuals are required to travel for their jobs; this could be to private residences or nursing homes.

Medical Illustrator: These individuals are required to take medical information and convert it into visual images. The purpose of this job is to help communicate complex information to patients, and serve as an aid to better understand procedures. According to Gap Medics, there are limited programs in the United States for medical illustrators so there is competition to get accepted.

Perfusionist: Individuals who are qualified as perfusionists assist surgeons and are in control of the heart and lung machines that are required for a patient in surgery. According to Healthline, individuals who operate these machines must have a Certified Clinical Perfusionist (CCP) credential.

Very Well Health notes that these individuals are well-paid and that the job opportunities for cardiac perfusionists are increasing as a greater percentage of people over age 65 develop cardiovascular disease.

Pedorthists: Anyone who has a problem with their feet, ranging from bunions to arthritis, may require the help of a Pedorthist. Healthline notes that these individuals are responsible for creating custom shoes to help patients with their foot concerns, and this includes knowledge of everything from materials to fittings.

Music Therapist: Perhaps more well-known than some of the other professions on this list is a music therapist. Music has the ability to help people heal and learn in unique ways, and according to Very Well Health, individuals in this profession can use their skills to treat a number of issues, including depression, mobility, and trouble with speech and cognitive skills.

The Music Therapy website expands on the job description, noting that after assessing each individual, music therapists come up with a treatment which can include “creating, singing, moving to, and/or listening to music.”

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