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5 Types of Facial Masks

No matter what type of complexion problem you have, there are a wide variety of facial masks that can help.

With cold, dry weather and other environmental triggers ravaging your skin on a daily basis, you may wonder how to properly take care of your complexion. A great solution to skincare troubles is a facial mask made with ingredients that target your specific issues. Whether anti-aging is a concern or you’re just looking for added moisture, face masks are an affordable, easy way to pamper your skin at home and change up your everyday skincare routine. Here are the top five types of masks you should try.

Clay Masks

Deep cleansing clay masks are an excellent way to treat clogged pores and reduce redness in your face. They help to absorb excess oils in your skin and control the shine which makes them a great choice for acne-prone complexions. Try an absorbing white clay mask made of bentonite or kaolin to nourish and thoroughly clean your face.

Sheet Masks

Originally from Korea, sheet masks are the latest beauty craze praised by Hollywood stars and supermodels alike. These fuss-free masks are effective, easy to use, and packed full of beneficial ingredients such as vitamins, caffeine, and hyaluronic acid. Sheet masks are suitable for everyone and help to restore much-needed hydration in your skin.

Peel-Off Masks

This unique type of mask is designed to give you an instant dewy glow, perfect when applied just before a night out. Peel-off masks remove dead skin cells and oil from the surface of your skin and are formulated with a wide range of ingredients from charcoal and antioxidants to botanicals. It’s important to choose a peel-off designed for your specific skin type for the maximum benefit.

Hydrogel Masks

Hydrogel masks are a type of sheet mask made of hydrating gel that locks in moisture and helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. The jelly-like gel forms to your face and effectively delivers skin-benefiting ingredients such as serums. Hydrogel masks are well suited for all types of skin, helping to reduce the signs of aging and leave your skin incredibly soft.

Magnetic Masks

This innovative type of face mask blends traditional skin-friendly ingredients with iron particles and comes with a magnet that literally pulls the mask right off your face when you’re done. In theory, the iron particles create microcurrents in your skin which help restore the function of aging skin cells. Any dirt and dead skin cells the mask absorbs are drawn into the magnet. Magnetic masks are an undeniably fun way to pamper yourself and achieve a youthful glow.

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