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5 Tweaks to Make to Your Office Set Up for Better Health

You don't have to go out and use the principles of Feng Shui - unless you want to - in order to set yourself up in your office for better health. Take some time, do a little research and feel better throughout the work day.

Whether you work at home, have a private office at work or a cubicle you can make some changes to your environment for better health. It may cost a little money, but think about how much time you spend at your desk, on a computer or phone and sitting and you can understand that a little money may go a long way to feeling good.

Park It

Does your butt get numb after sitting at your desk for a while? Does your low back hurt? Are you constantly shifting and trying to get comfortable? Well, it's time for a new chair. And not just a new chair but one that has good support for you. You want to be able to adjust the seat height and even the angle of the back. There should also be good lumbar support for your back, and the seat should hold up well. Go out and sit on a bunch of different chairs to figure out what works for you.

Your Desk

Sitting all day at your desk is now being compared to smoking as being extremely unhealthy for you. But when your work requires you to be on the computer or phone, what can you do? The answer is an adjustable desktop. With these toppers, you can turn your regular desk into a standing workstation. Get up, adjust the desk height and continue working while getting your blood flowing.


Stop straining your eyes. The light of the computer is often not enough, and if you go home with your head hurting or eyes feeling uncomfortable, you may be straining them. Invest in some new lighting.

Some Little Touches

Add a plant or some personal pictures to your workspace. If your space is private, try some aromatherapy or painting your walls a soothing color. These touches can help lower your stress levels.

Work at Your Desk

And go eat somewhere else. Take that break, get some air and leave the work behind while you eat your lunch, or dinner if you work later hours.

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