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5 Times It’s Okay for You to Miss out on a Gym Session

Don't beat yourself up.

There are times when you really don’t want to leave the comfort of your warm bed to go to the gym, but it’s important to push through and motivate yourself (with a personal trainer or a gym buddy) to reach your fitness goals. But are there any times when it’s actually okay to miss your workout without feeling guilty?

The simple answer is yes, and below are 5 times you should skip out on a gym session.

1. If you’re injured. This should really be a no-brainer, but if you’re injured you need to rest and give your body a break so that it can heal. If you continue to push yourself before you’ve healed properly then it will only make things worse.

However, you don’t just have to be injured to skip out on the gym, you could also be stiff and suffering from sore muscles.

2. It's okay to not go to the gym if you exercise regularly and you just lack the motivation that one morning. Everyone has days when they don’t want to go to the gym and if you get physical exercise at least three times a week then you can miss the fourth or fifth session every now and then. The problem here is really when you start missing multiple gym sessions, so you need to remain accountable.

In addition, if you were active earlier in the day (walked to work, had an afternoon run, or a hike) then you don’t have to push yourself more.

3. If you’re sick, and we mean more than a snotty nose, then don’t think going to workout will make you better. Again, this is a time when your body needs to heal. According to Her Campus, personal trainer Melanie Ludwig told them, "If you're ill, your body needs rest, not exercise. For example, if you have a fever or you're dehydrated, stay in bed and off the treadmill!”

4. If you haven’t had enough of sleep don’t push yourself to get up and workout because you need the rest and training when you've had a lack of sleep can increase the risk of injury. When you are tired you are not as mentally alert, your reaction times are slower, and your immune system is weakened. Rest up, and don’t feel guilty about missing out on exercise!

Also, you could be suffering from fatigue, which is more than just a bad night’s sleep, and then again, it should go without saying that you’d be forgiven for skipping the gym.

5. You had surgery or recently gave birth. If your body has gone through any sort of trauma then it makes sense that you need to rest. Your doctor or medical profession will give you the all-clear when it is safe to resume exercise, but until then heed their advice.

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