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5 Terrible Health Trends That You Should Forget About

We've all heard of various health trends over the years intended to remove toxins from the body or eliminate fats and GMOs from our diet, but do any of these actually work? Below are five terrible health trends that if you were thinking of trying out you should definitely give a miss.

The obsession over GMOs

In recent years there has been a lot of panic surrounding the consumption of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). But is there need to be concerned? According to Huffington Post, research from over 1,000 studies revealed that there is no safety reasons to label GMOs on food. And while consumers have a right to know what they're putting into their bodies, apparently there is no human health concern.


Many believe that cleansing your body of solid foods and drinking juices with "detoxifying" properties will help remove toxins and ultimately result in weight loss. This has been a growing trend in 2017, but it's also one you should forget about. Ronni Litz Julien, RD, author of The Trans Fat Free Kitchen told Health that while you may lose weight in the short term, it's all water weight and you will regain it once you start to eat normally.

Ear candling

Undeniably one of the stranger health trends to have emerged is ear candling — used to remove ear wax. The method involves the inserting of a fabric tube soaked in wax into the ear, while the other side is set aflame and is meant to remove wax and other impurities out of the ear canal. However, if done wrong this can result in a punctured ear drum and even burns.

Fat free

Everyone seems to be obsessed with not eating foods with a high-fat content because there is a myth that fat makes you fat and can lead to heart disease. Thus the obsession with fat-free and low-fat products, however, according to The Independent, there is no solid evidence to suggest that we should follow a diet low in fat to prevent heart disease. Also, fat doesn't make you fat — the right amounts are vital for our bodies — but according to Huffington Post, eating too much sugar does.


No doubt you've seen photos on Instagram at some point of people with circular red marks on their skin? This is called cupping and is done using small glass jars to create a sort of suction intended to stimulate blood flow and remove toxins from the lymph system. However, this method has not been researched enough to provide through results to suggest that it is doing what it sets out to do.

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