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5 of the Weirdest Fitness Gadgets

There isn’t much novelty surrounding fitness gadgets anymore. They’re simply too mainstream. Well, you haven’t seen these strange gadgets, which purport to help you stay fit in pretty strange ways. Could these gadgets change your life? Maybe, but you’ll look a little odd doing it.

Sensoria Smart Sock

You might have heard of smart shoes (which are weird enough on their own), but smart socks?! Yup. Obviously, no article of clothing is safe in the race to make everything “smart” — even your socks. Sensoria, a fitness technology company, is the brains behind the Smart Sock, which pairs with Bluetooth to count your steps, speed, cadence, and even foot landing technique. Though, at a couple hundred dollars a pair, these socks you certainly won’t want to lose to the dryer.

Treadmill Bikes

Treadmills exist for a pretty simple reason: they let you go for a walk when the weather or environment don’t permit you to exercise outside. But, what if you could combine the convenience of a treadmill with the great outdoors? Wait, what? Yes, treadmill bikes are a thing, and yes, they look super weird. And, not to lie, they look pretty fun. But there’s still that logical leap to get over. How, exactly, is this that much better than simply walking with your feet on the ground? Well, it is faster than regular walking, so if you’ve ever felt like speed walking without all the extra effort, this is probably your best chance.

Shake Weight

It’s easy to rag on the Shake Weight. The infomercial superstar made waves a few years ago, and not in a good way, for its odd commercials and the … suggestive motions you have to make to use it. But have we been being too tough on poor old Shake Weight? Probably not. While shaking anything at all for an extended period of time is going to burn calories, you’re probably better off spending your time working on a more traditional workout. Enjoy it for the novelty? Well then, feel free to shake that weight.

Vibrating Belts

Don’t be fooled — weird fitness devices aren’t anything new. As long as fitness activities have existed, there have probably been some nonsensical methodologies to go along with them. Case in point are those vibrating belt machines that were all the rage during the 1900s. All you had to do was step onto the stand, wrap the belt around your waist, flip a switch, and jiggle that fat away, baby! Did it look interesting? Absolutely. Did it work? Not at all.

The Hula Chair

What if you could get an awesome workout while you worked? Such is the promise of many a fitness gadget, but there’s something a little special about the hula chair in that you look super silly when using it. At first glance, the hula chair looks like a regular office chair but turning it on reveals a more nefarious purpose. The stand-looking seat begins to swivel in a circular motion, twisting your body around and around as if you hula dancing. Total tropical paradise, all in the comfort of your cubicle.

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