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5 Exciting Activewear Brands That You Don't Already Know

If you’re serious about getting fit, you would already know that your clothing is incredibly important. And while there are some activewear brands that most people already know of—big names like Lululemon, Puma, Reebok, and Adidas—there are other, lesser-known brands that going to make you excited about workout clothes all over again.

Loft is not a brand that is limited to only activewear, and they have a wide range of clothes, from dresses to coats. However, their activewear, which includes joggers and tanks, are simplistic, yet modern, and available in a solid, neutral tones—which is great if you want to mix and match, or layer over your workout clothes for a transitional look.

Vaara is another fantastic brand that offers performance clothes that are stylish, but simple. They are designed with working out in mind and have been created using high-quality fabrics, but it’s the styles and the versatility of this brand that really make it stand out. If you want a sports bra and leggings, or a leotard, Vaara is your one-stop-shop!

What we love about Upside is that the prints and colors are striking, and it’s a brand that is for the woman (or man) who really wants to let her personality shine through her clothing—and this is probably exactly what founder and yoga-lover Jodhi Meares had in mind, when they decided to fill the gap between fashion and fitness.

You can also shop by activity, so if you plan on doing yoga, want to go for a swim, or just hit the gym, picking the right clothing is even easier.

Australian brand, P.E. Nation was established in Sydney by two busy individuals who needed clothing that was multi-faceted. It’s a brand that is not afraid to get creative with color, and they have a wide range of bold leggings, and crop tops that you will love wearing so much it may even inspire you to work out more. They also have jackets, tees, tanks, and caps.

Yoga lovers may already know of the brand, Alo Yoga, and for good reason. Founded in Los Angeles in 2007, the aim of Alo Yoga is to create stunning garments which are not only mindful of movement and designed using moisture-wicking antimicrobial technology but can also be worn on the street. It’s a brand that is already loved by celebs, and that’s not surprising because the garments have interesting features like cutouts, rips, sheer panels, and even matte shine fabric inserts.

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