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5 Crucial Accessories You Shouldn't Go to the Gym Without

The beauty of hitting up the gym is that you can show up and have just about everything you need for a quality workout. Well, almost everything. If you really want to be a gym star, you’ll need to be a little prepared. When heading to the gym, make sure you have these essential accessories in tow.

A Bottle of Water

You have to stay hydrated! Many people don’t drink enough water during the day as it is, let alone when throwing in an intense workout that gets them sweating out all their body’s hydration. Most gyms should have drinking fountains, so you’ll only have to worry about bringing a bottle.

Find water boring? You can spice up your water with flavoring packets or more naturally by filling your bottles with fruit. You might want to check with your gym beforehand, though, as they might have a strict water-only policy.

Headphones and Music

Ask anyone who works out on a regular basis and they’ll be sure to tell you that a solid soundtrack will help you get the most out of your workout. Although many gyms will have their own playlists running in the background, what’s the point if you’re not into the music they’re playing? Plan ahead by setting up a killer soundtrack before you leave for the gym, and you’ll be too busy rocking to the beat to notice that you’re putting in a solid workout.

While your music setup isn’t super important (you could show up with a Walkman if you really wanted) consider investing in some quality Bluetooth-enabled headphones so you don’t become a tangled mess when you’re trying to work out.

Something to Keep Track of Your Progress

You’re a lot more likely to stick to your goals (you have goals, right?) if you’re keeping track of your progress. While gym rats have spent decades bringing notebooks and pencils to their workouts, keeping track of your fitness sessions is easier than ever thanks to smartphones. There are plenty of apps out there that will help you track your activity progress and weight loss goals. If you’d rather leave your phone at home, that’s no problem — you can always go old-school with a notebook and pencil.

A Solid Workout Outfit

Appearances aren’t everything at the gym. Rather, the thing you should focus on when choosing your workout clothes is first and foremost how comfortable you feel when wearing them. While a simple T-shirt and gym shorts outfit can be good enough for most folks, you could consider ponying up for something sportier.

Athletic clothes that are made with synthetic materials are better able to wick away sweat, making them more ideal for people who plan on going hard at the gym.

Just as important to consider is the shoes you wear. For cardio exercises, you’ll want your shoes to provide support, while weightlifters prefer shoes that are flatter and lower to the ground. If you’re serious about your fitness, have your feet measured by an expert at a fitness outfitter and invest in some quality shoes. They’ll last you longer and they’ll feel a lot better than cheap shoes.

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