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5 Activewear Lines That'll Keep You Motivated (and Looking Good)

Because everyone needs to be aware how cute your workout look is.

Part of the problem with hitting the gym is finding something to wear. Luckily, the whole athleisure movement has taken care of that because you can go from the street to the gym and back without anyone giving you a side-eye for wearing workout clothes. Being able to wear your activewear anywhere is also a great motivator because it means that you can just pop into the gym, without thinking too hard about what you’re wearing or where you're headed next. Check out the five activewear brands making it easier than ever to squeeze in a workout, for any size and any budget.

1. Don’t let being labeled plus size keep you from getting into some spandex and working out your fabulous curves. Lineage is ethically made in NYC and has a hugely diverse range of activewear so that you can pick up something for your post-pregnancy body and find a matching outfit for your newborn because the range has sizes from infant to 5X.

2. Although black is pretty standard workout gear, sometimes a pop of color can be a bright reminder to hit the gym. Old Navy has been upping its workout wear game for a while and now the affordable fashion maker has been dubbed officially fashionable as supermodel Alessandra Ambrossio was seen stepping out in the line’s brightly patterned leggings and sweat-wicking sweatshirt.

3. If you prefer sweats and t-shirts to leggings and bra tops, then head to Everlane for some quality t-shirts. Your closet is likely filled with ratty old workout shirts, but having something new can be a great motivator to actually workout in your workout gear, so rely on Everlane for something you can move in at the gym, or toss on and afterward.

4. The key to a great workout is wearing a supportive sports bra. Brooks Sports Bras come in a variety of styles so that you can match your bra to your workout. You’ll also find a fairly broad range of sizes for whether you need a lot or a little support and some unexpectedly handy options too, like a plunging version.

5. If you’re in the gym, you don’t have to be a supermodel to pull off a sporty, sneakers with everything look — they really do go with everything. Check out these supportive, but still cute Asics.

[Image via Lineage]

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