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4 Tips on Finding the Perfect Gym Pants

You already know what not to wear to the gym, for a little refresher this includes clothing without stretch that can hinder your movement, oversized clothing that can catch on equipment, and thong underwear—no explanation necessary. But how can you be sure you’re picking out the perfect gym pants?

The right type, for the right job: First, determine what activities you’re going to be doing: For example, if you plan on doing an intense workout than compression style pants are best because they will give your muscles maximum support during your workout. If you’re doing a less strenuous form of exercise, like yoga, then a pair of fitted leggings could do the job, and if you plan on hiking or running, you may want to choose a slightly looser, more breathable pair of pants.

Material is important: Try to pick out fabrics that are moisture wicking and quick-drying for maximum comfort. Good quality workout clothes are usually pretty pricey, but they will last a lot longer than their cheap alternatives.

You also want to choose pants that offer an element of stretch, and in general, synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester are best because they offer a lot of flexibility, while still retaining their shape.

Get the right fit: There is nothing worse than trying to work out in pants that are too small and digging into your midsection, or keep falling down. Not only is this uncomfortable but it’s also distracting. If it’s your first time buying gym pants, it’s beneficial to skip the online retailers and actually go into the store to try them out. And don’t be afraid to shop around if you don’t like the first pair that you try on.

Style is important: While style is not the most important aspect when choosing a pair of gym pants, it should not be forgotten entirely. It’s important with any clothes for them to represent your own style, and they are essentially an extension of your personality. Plus, with the pressure for women to constantly look flawless, you’ll feel much more comfortable if you’ve chosen a pair of pants that are not only comfortable but also look good. Choose a color you love (although I always recommend a dark, matte shade because it’s so versatile), or a style with an interesting element like a mesh or sheer panel.

Plus, it helps if your pants are stylish if you plan on wearing them outside of the gym—athleisure is a thing!

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