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4 Strength Training Exercises You Haven't Tried Yet

Tired of the same old exercises? Try these excellent alternatives. They’re a great way to enhance your physique and add more fun to your workout program as well.

When it comes to your strength training routine, one thing is certain and that is that you must be adjusting your exercises on a regular basis. Those who choose to perform the exact same exercises over and over again will hit a plateau quickly and often will drop off before then anyway simply because they are so tired of doing the same thing over and over again in the gym.

The way around this?

New exercises. There are so many great exercises that can be done with your fitness routine that there’s no real reason to keep up the same old sessions day after day.

Here are some new exercises you likely have never heard of before.

Single Arm Floor Presses

A single arm floor press is a great exercise for not only hitting your chest hard but also working your shoulder and core as well. What you’ll do for this one is lay flat down on the floor with a dumbbell raised above you. Once balanced, with the other hand on the floor beside you, simply lower the dumbbell until your elbow is almost touching the floor.

Pause and then press up again to finish the rep. You’ll want to press the weight up as high as you can, often slightly lifting the shoulder up off the floor, which will then help develop a bit more shoulder strength as well.

Cuban Press

The Cuban press is another excellent movement for anyone looking to build maximum shoulder strength. To do this one, hold a dumbbell down by your sides with the arms straight.

Then raise the dumbbells up as if you were doing a row and then rotate the arms so the elbows are under the body. From here, press directly into a shoulder press.

This exercise essentially takes two very powerful upper body movements — the shoulder press and the upright row and combines them into one.

Seated Good Morning

A seated good morning is another great exercise to include in your workout routine. To do the seated good morning, you’ll want to sit on a flat bench with a barbell across your back. From here, you’ll then want to lower the upper body down so that you are experiencing tension in your lower back. You don’t want to lower so much that you nearly fall to the bench, but lower enough that you have control but yet, still feel that pull on the muscles.

Pause in this position and then press up to the starting position to complete the rep.

Heel Touches

Finally, to get your core muscles in gear, try heel touches. To do this, lay flat on the floor with the knees bent and feet firmly on the floor. Now put both hands out to either side with the fingers stretched out.

What you’re going to do is crunch upward and then slowly move one hand towards your toes, trying to touch them as you contract the obliques. Pause when you’re as far as you can go and then reverse directions, reaching toward the other side. Then repeat. Avoid laying back down on the ground until all reps are completed.

So keep these tips in mind and you will notice more improvements in your fitness level and may just start looking forward to getting that workout in as well.

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