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4 Exercises for Shipshape Shoulders

The following shoulder exercises are a must-do for optimal strength and definition. Make sure these are in your workout program.

Want to build your shoulder muscles? If so, we have your solution. Let’s look at the best exercises for boosting your shoulder and definition so you can finally get that look you desire.

Barbell Shoulder Press

First on the list is the barbell shoulder press. This exercise is excellent for building maximum power and shoulder strength development because it utilizes all three heads of the shoulder muscle and also calls the tricep muscles into play. So you get a maximum amount of total muscle power working in your favor, which really helps you see superior strength progression.

The barbell press can either be done standing or sitting — your choice.


To really bring out that shoulder muscle definition, look no further than to the T-raise. This exercise is great for targeting the front and side deltoid and is a perfect way to help promote that ‘capped’ look that most people desire with their shoulder training.

T-raises have you lifting the weight up to the front, pausing, and then shifting the weight to the side of the body. Pause and then lower down. Next rep, reverse the process.

These are excellent for building maximum muscle endurance as you will find you fatigue quite readily after doing them.

Upright Rows

Upright rows are another excellent move to do for your front delts and will put great tension on this single muscle. When doing these, experiment with different grip patterns. Some people feel best using a wide grip while others will prefer a narrower grip. This exercise can cause injury if you aren’t careful, so make sure you aren’t feeling any sort of joint impingement along the movement pattern.

Reverse Cable Fly’s

Finally, consider reverse cable fly’s. Many people neglect their rear delt muscle with their shoulder training, which is unfortunate because this muscle really completes your look. Someone with well developed rear delt muscles will look much different than someone who does not have well-developed rear delts, so don’t underestimate the power that this muscle can have on your overall look.

With rear delt training, it’s not so much how much weight you lift, but rather, how well you can achieve that mind-muscle connection.

So make sure that you’re taking the time to get these exercises into your shoulder workout routine. To really see optimal results, you’ll want to train shoulders at least two to three times per week making sure to take at least one day off between sessions. This will ensure that you are recovering sufficiently between sessions but training each muscle group often enough that you continue to see excellent results.

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