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4 Bizarre Types of Yoga You Should Try

Add some excitement to your workout with one of these unusual types of yoga.

The ancient practice of yoga has evolved from its Indian origins to encompass a wide range of modern interests and hobbies. If you’re looking to spice up your traditional yoga class, try one of these creative spinoffs will definitely keep you on your toes. Here are four of the most unusual types of yoga.

Beer Yoga

Beer yoga combines the mindfulness and inner peace of traditional yoga with the inebriation from enjoying a few brews. This trend started in Germany (obviously) but quickly spread around the world. The American version of beer yoga is typically hosted at a brewery or taproom and is favored by many for its non-intimidating, fun environment. Although it may be criticized for being unhealthy, beer yoga may be a great way to find the spiritual enlightenment you seek.

Goat Yoga

This delightful spinoff is very similar to traditional yoga with one important addition: live goats. While you’re practicing your downward dog or up in a tree pose, adorable goats roam free and watch your poses. If you’re lucky, they may cuddle up next to you, climb on you, or even make goat noises in your ear.

SUP Yoga

Fans of SUP, or standup paddleboard, yoga enjoy practicing their poses out on the water with a paddleboard keeping them afloat. While you may wonder why yogis would want to be on a wiggly surface when falling into the water is a real possibility, enthusiasts enjoy the natural, serene environment. The key to stability is to focus on the horizon and move slowly on the paddleboard.

Harry Potter Yoga

Attention Muggles: a Harry Potter-themed yoga class was offered at a brewery in Texas! This hour-long Vinyasa Flow class took yogis on a magical journey to Hogwarts castle and incorporated Potter references into the pose names, such as Reverse Wizards and Whomping Willow. As a special bonus, participants received a magic wand to use during the class that they could also take home. Keep your eyes peeled for a Harry Potter yoga class near you.

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