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3 Ways You Can Stay Active on Thanksgiving

Fitday Editor

Thanksgiving is a day that revolves around food. From grandma's green-bean casserole to everyone's favorite pumpkin pie, each family has their own traditions that make the day special.

In an effort to add a little exercise and stress relief to the calorie-laden Holiday season, why not start some active family traditions as well? It's a fun way to burn off a few calories and spend quality time together. Here are a few ideas, but the special part is making it your own.

Thanksgiving Morning: Turkey Trot

Most cities have a run the morning of Thanksgiving, commonly called a Turkey Trot. There are often 5k, 10k, and walking options, so the whole family can participate. Have fun with it and dress up! You will find people wearing reindeer antlers, turkey costumes, and more.

Thanksgiving Afternoon: Football

Play football! This is America! We watch football on Thanksgiving, so why not play football too? Get all the cousins and neighbors together for a fun game of touch football in the yard before dinner. You can add a little friendly competition by making it one side of the family versus the other, or girls versus boys. The losers can do the dishes!

Thanksgiving Evening: Walk or a Bike Ride

After the big meal but before pie is served is the perfect time to get some exercise and let your food digest. Get the family all bundled up and go for a walk around the block. You're stomach will thank you when it has a little extra room for that second slice.

Clare Brady is a Healthy Living Blogger currently living in Dallas, Texas but originally from St. Louis, Missouri. On her blog, Fitting It All In, Clare shares her experiences with living a healthy lifestyle while balancing a busy schedule. Currently she is working full-time as advertising account executive, seeing clients as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, exercising often, cooking as much as possible, and making sure to spend time with friends. You can find Clare on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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