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3 Great Ways to Kickstart Your Exercise Program

Fitday Editor

Not all of us enjoy jogging and going to the gym but we know that exercise is good for our bodies and inactivity can lead to obesity. But, what happens when we cannot find the kind of exercise that we enjoy and love to do? This is the dilemma that afflicts many of us. The usual forms of exercising such as cycling, running, visiting the gym and swimming may not appeal to a lot of individuals anymore and many end up not doing anything to be physically fit.

Even though many people put exercising on the top of their New Year's resolution list, many people still fail to fulfill these annual promises. So, what are some of the unique ways for you to start an exercise program?

1. Fencing: The Ultimate Mind and Body Workout

If you are looking for an exercise program that motivates your brain and trains your muscles in no other way, then fencing is a great workout routine that you can try. Fencing features a mix of balance, strategy, precision and endurance. Fencing is also a game worthy of chess players and athletes alike. Just like any aerobic exercise, fencing helps burn calories which helps participants maintain their ideal weight and shed off some pounds. Fencing also alleviates stress, strengthens the heart & lung muscles, enhances immune function and boosts your stamina. The game's complex physical maneuvers help you develop and enhance muscular flexibility, coordination and strength.

2. Exergaming: Taking Fitness to the Next Level

Virtual games have become super popular these days and are definitely something that many adults are starting to get involved as well. Exergaming is turning around the kids' and adults' aversion to physical activity. This modern innovation integrates technology with physical exercise. Nintendo's Wii Fit and Wii Sports are starting to take exergaming to the next level. The concept is starting to get attention from the public nowadays and is a good starter system for many couch potatoes out there because it is fun and easily accessible. Kids and even adults can now play golf, bowling, baseball, tennis, and boxing right from their own homes. The Wii Fit allows families to enjoy games that accent balance, yoga, strength training and aerobics. Exergaming does not only promote physical activity and good health for many but is also a great form of entertainment that bonds family members together in unity.

3. Explore the Beauty of Nature and Exercise at the Same Time

Jump start your exercise program with nature walks and hikes on various terrains and landscapes. Try to explore nature reserves, parks and camping areas that feature safe and convenient trails. You can also plan for a butterfly, bird and wildflower watching. Invest in a good set of binoculars and field guide to head out for a good search! Go rafting, tubing, kayaking, canoeing or maybe snow skiing. Invite nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts out there to join you in these activities.

Charmaine Ann Enerio is a registered nurse and a freelance writer in Manila, Philippines. Currently, she specializes in neonatal intensive care and in health & wellness. As an advocate of women's health, Charmaine is planning on pursuing a degree in midwifery that would focus more on helping women before, during and after their pregnancies. Writing has always been her passion and has been an editor ever since her high school years. A good thing about Charmaine is the way she balances her career as a health care professional and as a writer. Nursing has given her the chance to serve her fellow countrymen and also write about her various experiences. As a medical professional, she focuses more on holistic and patient centered care. Charmaine is blessed with a wonderful family and a loving fiancé. Check out her blog site at

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