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10 Accessories Your Workout Routine is Missing

Are you frustrated spending hours working out week after week without getting results you’ve been hoping for? Whether you’re working out from home or at a gym, adding a few simple fitness accessories can help you tighten and tone up problem areas in no time — and break up the monotony of boring workouts.

1. Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a high-calorie-burning exercise you can do anywhere — even when you’re traveling — as jump ropes are easy to take with you when you’re on the go. You’ll tighten and tone your calves, legs, butt, and arms, and get a fat-shredding cardiovascular sweat going in no time. Try alternating between high knee jumps, one-leg-at-a-time jumping, regular jumps, and speed jumping.

2. Resistance Bands

As with a jump rope, resistance bands are easy to slip in your gym bag or take with you when traveling. You’ll notice real results in just a few weeks after using resistance bands to tighten and tone. Try biceps curls, triceps kickbacks, squats, side leg lifts, hip abduction, dead lifts, shoulder presses, and chest presses using bands instead of dumbbells or barbells to achieve a slim, sleek look.

3. Medicine Ball

Abdominal exercises, squats, lunges, ball throws, shoulder presses, burpees, pushups, and numerous other toning exercises can be done using a medicine ball. That’s why adding this fitness accessory to your workout routine is a must-have. You’ll notice results quickly. The best part is you can use a medicine ball anywhere (outside, at home, or in the gym).

4. Ab Wheel

Tired of the same old sit-up routine and looking for a fun new way to work your six-pack? An ab wheel is just what you need to get the ball rolling. While on your hands and knees (or hands and feet for extra resistance) in a plank position, use a slow gliding motion to move the ab wheel away from your knees and back in again to tighten and tone your abs like never before.

5. Gliding Disks

Looking to add a new twist to boring workout routines, and tighten and tone your midsection? You may have never heard about gliding disks, but these simple, easy-to-pack fitness accessories work wonders for your core — and entire body. Simply place your feet on the gliders and get into a plank position. Drag your entire body forward using only your arms, or keep your arms in place and glide your feet toward and away from your chest.

6. Fitness Gloves

Are your hands hurting during lifts or even simple resistance-training exercises? Want to be able to lift heavier without creating blisters or calluses? A variety of fitness gloves are available to choose from that can do just that — saving your hands and drastically improving workouts.

7. Fitbit

What better way to track fitness goals and progress than by using an electronic device like Fitbit? This wearable device helps you stay motivated and reach goals by tracking steps, calories burned, exercise progress, body weight and more. Fitbit even tracks calorie intake and sleep patterns to help you meet weight management goals and maximize health.

8. Kettle Bells

Kettle bells come in handy for many types of at-home (or at-the-gym) workouts by strengthening and toning a variety of muscle groups. Use kettle bells when you’re doing squats, lunges, standing bent-over rows, shoulder presses, upright rows, or font raises just to name a few. Or, combine squats with upper body kettle bell exercises to sweat more and save time in the gym.

9. Plyometric Box

This wooden (also available in other materials) box will surprisingly get you results like no other. Use it to tighten and tone your abs, butt, quads, hamstrings, and calves by doing box jumps or step-ups. It’s a simple fitness accessory that provides you with max results, and doesn’t take up much space.

10. Stability Ball

Add a stability ball to your collection of fitness gear to get real results. Try sit-ups, dumbbell chest press, wall squats, back extensions, bridge to hamstring curls, ball leg raises (while lying on your back with the ball between your legs), plank to pike positions with your feet on the ball, balance pushups, and many more stability ball exercises that improve balance and shred fat.

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