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How many calories are in Potatoes and Starchy Vegetables?

Choose any food and see calorie counts, nutrition information, carbs, fat and more.
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 Candied ripe plantain, Puerto Rican style (Platano en almibar)
 Casabe, cassava bread
 Cassava (yuca blanca)
 Celeriac, cooked
 French fries
 Green banana
 Hash brown
 Home fries
 Macaroni and potato soup
 Norwegian Lefse, potato and flour pancake
 Pickled green bananas, Puerto Rican style (Guineos verdes en escabeche)
 Plantain chips
 Plantain soup, Puerto Rican style (Sopa de platano)
 Potato and cheese soup
 Potato based snacks, reduced fat, low sodium, all flavors
 Potato chips
 Potato chowder
 Potato from Puerto Rican beef stew, with gravy
 Potato from Puerto Rican chicken fricassee, with sauce
 Potato from Puerto Rican style stuffed pot roast, with gravy
 Potato only from Puerto Rican mixed dishes, gravy and other components reported separately
 Potato pancake
 Potato pudding
 Potato puffs, cheese-filled
 Potato salad
 Potato skins
 Potato soup
 Potato sticks
 Potato, baked
 Potato, boiled
 Potato, mashed
 Potato, patty
 Potato, puffs
 Potato, roasted
 Potato, scalloped
 Potato, stuffed, baked
 Starchy vegetables, Puerto Rican style (viandas)
 Stewed potatoes
 Sweetpotatoes, Puerto Rican
 Tannier, cooked
 Taro chips
 Taro, baked
 Vichyssoise soup
 Yam buns, Puerto Rican style (Bunuelos de name)
 Yam, Puerto Rican (Name), cooked