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How many calories are in Rice, Cooked Cereal?

Choose any food and see calorie counts, nutrition information, carbs, fat and more.
All Foods > Pasta and Cereal Grains >  

 Barley, cooked
 Buckwheat groats, cooked
 Bulgur, cooked or canned
 Cereal, cooked
 Cornmeal dumpling
 Cornmeal mush
 Couscous, plain
 Grits, corn or hominy
 Muesli, prepared, instant
 Multigrain cereal, cooked
 Nestum cereal
 Oat bran cereal, cooked
 Rice dessert bar, frozen, nondairy
 Rice, brown
 Rice, brown and wild
 Rice, cream of
 Rice, creamed, made with milk and sugar, Puerto Rican style
 Rice, sweet (rice, cooked, with honey)
 Rice, white
 Rice, white and wild
 Rice, wild, 100%, cooked, fat not added in cooking
 Rice, yellow, regular
 Rye, cream of, cooked
 Total Oatmeal, cooked, quick, fat not added in cooking
 Wheat cereal, cooked, chocolate flavored
 Wheat hearts, cooked
 Wheat, cream of, cooked
 Wheat, rolled, cooked
 Whole wheat cereal, cooked