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How many calories are in Cookies?

Choose any food and see calorie counts, nutrition information, carbs, fat and more.
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 Cookie bar, with chocolate, nuts, and graham crackers
 Cookie, Lebkuchen
 Cookie, Pfeffernusse
 Cookie, almond
 Cookie, applesauce
 Cookie, baby
 Cookie, batter or dough, raw, not chocolate
 Cookie, biscotti (Italian sugar cookie)
 Cookie, brownie
 Cookie, butter or sugar
 Cookie, butterscotch chip
 Cookie, butterscotch, brownie
 Cookie, caramel coated, with nuts
 Cookie, carob
 Cookie, carob and honey brownie
 Cookie, chocolate
 Cookie, chocolate and vanilla sandwich
 Cookie, chocolate chip
 Cookie, chocolate fudge, with/without nuts
 Cookie, chocolate sandwich, reduced fat
 Cookie, chocolate wafer
 Cookie, chocolate-covered
 Cookie, coconut
 Cookie, cone shell, ice cream type
 Cookie, date bar
 Cookie, dietetic
 Cookie, fig bar
 Cookie, fortune
 Cookie, fruit, baby
 Cookie, fruit-filled bar
 Cookie, gingersnaps
 Cookie, graham cracker sandwich with chocolate and marshmallow filling
 Cookie, granola
 Cookie, ladyfinger
 Cookie, lemon bar
 Cookie, lemon wafer, lowfat
 Cookie, macaroon, coconut-meringue type, no flour
 Cookie, marshmallow
 Cookie, marshmallow pie, chocolate covered
 Cookie, marshmallow pies, non-chocolate coating
 Cookie, meringue
 Cookie, molasses
 Cookie, multigrain, high fiber
 Cookie, oat bran
 Cookie, oatmeal
 Cookie, peanut
 Cookie, peanut butter
 Cookie, peanut butter filling, chocolate-coated
 Cookie, pizzelle (Italian style wafer)
 Cookie, pumpkin
 Cookie, raisin
 Cookie, raisin sandwich, cream-filled
 Cookie, rich
 Cookie, rugelach
 Cookie, rum ball (no-bake)
 Cookie, sandwich-type, not chocolate or vanilla
 Cookie, shortbread
 Cookie, sugar wafer
 Cookie, tea, Japanese
 Cookie, teething, baby food
 Cookie, toffee bar
 Cookie, vanilla sandwich
 Cookie, vanilla wafer
 Cookie, vanilla waffle, creme
 Cookie, vanilla with caramel, coconut, and chocolate coating
 Cookie, whole wheat, dried fruit, nut
 Cookies, Puerto Rican (Mantecaditos polvorones)