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How many calories are in Cakes?

Choose any food and see calorie counts, nutrition information, carbs, fat and more.
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 Cake batter, raw
 Cake, Boston cream pie
 Cake, Dobos Torte (non-chocolate layer cake with chocolate filling and icing)
 Cake, German chocolate, with icing and filling
 Cake, Poor Man's (spice-type), without icing
 Cake, Quezadilla, El Salvadorian style
 Cake, Ravani (made with farina)
 Cake, angel food
 Cake, applesauce
 Cake, banana
 Cake, black forest (chocolate-cherry)
 Cake, butter
 Cake, carrot
 Cake, chiffon
 Cake, chocolate
 Cake, chocolate, devil's food, or fudge
 Cake, coconut, with icing
 Cake, cream, without icing or topping
 Cake, cupcake
 Cake, frozen yogurt and cake layer, with icing
 Cake, fruit cake, light or dark, holiday type cake
 Cake, gingerbread, without icing
 Cake, graham cracker, without icing
 Cake, ice box with fruit and whipped cream
 Cake, ice cream and cake roll
 Cake, jelly roll
 Cake, lemon
 Cake, marble
 Cake, nut
 Cake, oatmeal
 Cake, peanut butter, with icing
 Cake, pineapple, fat free, cholesterol free, without icing
 Cake, plum pudding
 Cake, poppyseed, without icing
 Cake, pound
 Cake, pumpkin
 Cake, raisin-nut
 Cake, rice flour, without icing
 Cake, rum flavored, without icing (Sopa Borracha)
 Cake, shortcake
 Cake, soy flour, without icing
 Cake, spice
 Cake, sponge
 Cake, sweetpotato, with icing
 Cake, torte
 Cake, upside down (all fruits)
 Cake, white
 Cake, whole wheat, with fruit and nuts, without icing
 Cake, yellow
 Cake, zucchini
 Coffee cake
 Coffee cake, crumb or quick-bread type