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Default Green Tea (beverage ans pills)

I would like to lose weight. I have seen some articles about green tea beverage and green tea pills.
According to you, it is a good solution? It is efficient? It is better to drink green tea or take green tea pills?

Thanks. Claire
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Hi! I just started drinking natural Green Tea with a touch of lemon and small drop of honey. I'm considering quitting coffee altogether and replacing it with green tea. The way I see it is like this - Every tip out there to lose weights encourages to take green tea either in pill form or tea. Even diet pills include green tea as an ingredient, so it must be for a reason. I strongly suggest in tea form as you will get into the habit of water intake in tea form and lose water weight in the process. .... good luck! I've got 20 lbs to lose in 2 months
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Healthy weight management isnít a one-cup-solves-all solution. A cup of green tea might stimulate digestion, but that doesnít mean that itíll melt your bodyís fat deposits. Green, black or purple Ė a cup of anything can never substitute exercise and nutrition
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Thanks for your answer.
For the moment, I would like just to have more informations to choose the best weight loss program.
A friend lost weight with java green tea. Have you ever heard about this?
So, if you have other weight loss tips to give me, don't hesitate to let me know!

Thanks Claire.

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