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Default easy way to lose weight fast

easy way to lose weight fast

we search about easy way to lose weight fast but we don't know the way to achieve it, in this topic dr. samar give we easy recipe works to lose weight fast is made up of natural materials and featuring this recipe simplicity , because it consists of food items found in any home , and characterized this recipe it works to burn fat , not muscle , as happens in operations Dieting is targeting the muscles of the body and is not fat .

Therefore those recipe given great results to get rid of fat as well as get a good appearance in the fastest time , because it targets fat therefore shows results quickly on the exterior of the body , because the size of fat kilometers larger than the size kilo muscles much .

now we give you the easy way to lose weight fast

The recipe is based on :
1 - reduce appetite.
2 - and stimulating the body to burn fat.
3 - and strengthen immunity.

The recipe :

1- Cup boiling water .
2- tablespoon ground cumin .
3- two slices of lemon crust .
4 - quarter teaspoon cinnamon .
5 - half teaspoon ginger .
6 - can be desalinated honey .

How to use:

1 - Mix and leave ten minutes .
2 - and then drink a third of an hour before eating

Note : Do not boil the mixture , " the desired cup boiling water and boil the mixture is not ."

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Smile Another quick way

Great tip! Another great way is to drink water before each meal so you eat less, and also to eat spicy food because it stimulates your metabolism to work harder! I also learned that drinking cold water over warm water is great because it makes your metabolism work hard to heat the cold water up! I also use easy ab workouts to help me lose weight quickly. I have a free eBook on 3 Ab Workouts for Beginners that I love using and recommend for anyone who wants to burn belly fat without using exercises that hurt your joints or stuff like that. The free eBook on 3 Ab workouts for beginners is at GodlywoodGirl.com. Great work!

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