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Default Any tea drinker here?

Hi guys!

My name is Erica and I finally decided to sign up after reading some lovely posts here. Well, I keep hearing that tea really helps for weight loss and honestly I have never had tea before....

Took me many days and hours of research I finally decided to buy tea from this company but the thing is they offer both "loose leaf" and "pyramid bag tea" of same ingredients but I don't know which one to choose???

I read loose leaf form is the best as they are the purest kinds but a bit hassle to put them into tea bag. I just want the best result for the money I will be spending. Can you please tell me which one to choose? Thank you!
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I LOVE tea and drink a lot of it!

If they are by the same company, and have the same ingredients, I would assume the only difference is that they've bagged one and not the other! Some people have their own tea-ball (a little round ball you seal the loose leaves in, and drop into your mug), or tea steeping process at home (usually a mesh container dipped in hot water), and if they are the same quality ingredients it shouldn't matter whether it comes pre-bagged or not

I use both tea bags and loose leaf tea. I do find the loose leaf tends to be higher quality tea and you get more tea for your $$.

I love blending teas together, a green tea with a fruity tea is nice
~ Roxy ~
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Default Hello

I love Drink Tea Specialy Green Tea that is healthy drink for beauty and hair loose.

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Old 02-10-2015, 06:02 AM   #4 (permalink)
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I am a certified tea fanatic. From green tea, to jasmin, to Oolong, to black tea. I have also tried David's tea specials. My favorite is almond. :-)
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Default I like green tea......

I like green tea......
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A good cuppa black tea. But I don't think it helps with weight loss. Hmmmm, unless, of course, there's no cookies involved!! LOL
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