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Default Weight Loss Tips?

Weight Loss Tips?
Hey, I am an 18 year old male and am 6'5 and 260 LBS. Im still growing and might end up around 6'7.

I dont look fat, I just look like a big kid. Im trying to lose some weight over the next few months. How much should I loose and what should I do to get quick results.

Im a very picky eater and my diet consists of bagels,chips,pizza and pasta. Dont like a lot of foods. Hate stuff like eggs and salad. Dont really like meat unless its chicken breast.

I have tried dieting before but I get bored easily and stop the diet all together. Diet pills worked but I stopped because my heart was coming trhough my chest.

Any good excerise routines anyone knows of that work well too?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Your BMI is high (30) so if you don't look fat, good for you!

Set a calorie limit, measure what you eat, log it into the food log. You will find out how much you are eating now and how you can change your choices to stay within your calorie limit.

That, and exercise, will help you lose weight.

Your doctor could provide some insights, too.
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Many ways you can reduce the weight.Drinking lot of water,avoid the junk food.REduce the food quantity and also do the excercise.I have share some articles about the weight losing written by the.It is very useful and effective articles.It contains weight lose tips and tricks.

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"Picky eating" is not going to help. I agree with Kathy that you should log your daily food to get an idea of what you're eating - and you have to be honest about it, put in every morsel that goes into your mouth!

Upping water intake and cutting out things like soda, beer and/or other sugary drinks may help you quickly lose some "water weight" (a few pounds in a few days), but that will come right back if your diet consists mostly of junk foods.

Try to find some healthy foods that you like to eat and add more of them to your daily food intake. Chicken breast is a good low-cal, high-protein food, but not if you're eating it with lots of bad sides. Keep trying foods, and don't be put off by new foods!

Portion control is also helpful. Read how much a serving of your foods actually is, it might be less than you think!

Good luck!
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When losing weight it's very important that you create a balance between calorie intake and calorie burned. You have to always make that you burn off more calories than what you intake, this will force the body to start using body fat in order to maintain itself which will cause you to start losing weight.

You should also try to be more involved in exercising. So, why not join a nearby gym?
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